Hope Food Co. operates out of a mission of "Pay What You Can." Meaning, whenever you order from Hope Truck Food Co. or Given Coffee you will always get our best; regardless of means.

Given coffee Menu


Standard double shot of Sergio's espresso blend
Espresso poured over hot water
Equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam
Espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam
Latte with white or dark chocolate sauce
Drip Coffee
Locally sourced and freshly brewed
Red Eye
Espresso poured over freshly brewed coffee
Cafe Au Lait
Freshly brewed coffee with steamed milk
Hot Chocolate
Steamed milk with white or dark chocolate sauce
Steamed milk with your choice of flavor
Chai Latte
Spiced black tea concentrate steamed with milk
Hot Tea
English breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Moroccan Mint


Espresso poured over cold water and ice
Espresso with cold milk and ice
Latte with white or dark chocolate sauce over ice
Chai Latte
Spiced black tea concentrate with milk
Freshly brewed coffee over ice
Cold Brew
Brewed overnight for a smooth, rich and balanced cup of coffee
Sweet or Unsweet, Black, Green, or Moroccan Mint
Espresso Frappes
Blended, frozen espresso drink with mocha or caramel
Blended, frozen drink with Vanilla Bean or Spiced Chai
Espresso poured over ice cream
Homeland Creamery Ice Cream
Homeland Creamery Vanilla, or Chocolate, served in a cup

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Wednesday - 6:30am - 8:30pm
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Our Story

Not long after launching Hope Truck Food Co, we began to see God move in unimaginably big ways. Then He said to us: “How you steward this truck will determine what is next.”
We have seen God provide in ways only He can. And true to His nature, God’s provision followed His vision. In the fall of 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, He provided the means for Given Coffee, which will be a vital part of Hope Food Co.’s mission to eliminate hunger in our communities.
Given Coffee will always operate as “pay what you can” because — just as God gives us His best every day, we want to do the same for His people. What does “pay what you can” mean? Whether you can afford to pay or not, we are giving you our best.
So enjoy, and thank you for partnering with us.