In 2019, a family from Boston, MA radically gifted us with a food truck to help spread hope through delicious meals to people in need. For three years, Hope Truck Food Co. operated on a “pay what you can” model: when you ordered food from our truck, you received our best regardless of your means.

In 2021, Given Coffee Co. opened and followed the same pay-what-you-can model. Together, Hope Truck Food Co. and Given Coffee Co. provided over 19,000 free meals to individuals around the Triad in North Carolina.

In 2023, Hope Food Co. partnered with public school personnel to start delivering hope in a new way. Our mission is to end childhood hunger in our local community. Now, 100% of the net proceeds from Hope Truck Food Co. and Given Coffee Co. go directly to providing Hopefulls to children in our public school system in need of weeknight meals.